LXQt 0.7.0 is available in the tree

07 May of 2014 version 0.7.0 of LXQt was released. LXQt is a new Qt-based desktop environment -- the successor of LXDE and Razor-qt. This is a first release since the moment the developing was started.

Why another DE could you ask? Well, as I've mentioned it is not really the new one. Even more, it is the result of merging of two existing projects. The reason for LXDE team to switch to the new project was quite understandable: LXDE is based on GTK-2, and it is going to be deprecated and unmaintained. For many reasons Qt seemed to be much better alternative than GTK-3, hence LXDE-Qt project was started. Then people from Razor-qt joined it. The 0.5.2 release of Razor-qt is going to be the last one, the development of LXDE will be continued for a while, but the main forces of both teams are concentrated on LXQt now.

Now, switching to the Gentoo. I have imported ebuilds for LXQt-0.7.0 into the tree recently and ask you to test them and file bugs ). There is a meta package lxqt-base/lxqt-meta with USEs for optional dependencies and minimal USE flag for the case if you do not like openbox and want other window manager.

As display manager LXQt team suggests using of LightDM or SDDM, both available in the tree. The last one has an issue: it does not have ConsoleKit support, so if you want, you are welcome to add it. Upstream seems to be not interested in it, so we need to handle this downstream.

For me LXQt worked perfectly, it seems to be quite stable and usable already. I have encountered only one issue that affects me: LXQt-panel still lacks autohiding. But it should be added in the next release.

Currently ebuilds in the tree are tested under amd64, arm and x86 architectures on GNU/Linux. Upstream claims a FreeBSD support, so you are welcome to try it there. May be you'll need live ebuilds from the qt overlay to do so.

If you want to help with LXQt maintaining, you are welcome, just join recently created lxqt herd.

At the end I would like to say thanks to Harvey Mittens, Davide Pesavento, Manuel Rüger and other people who helped with getting LXQt into the tree.

P.S. For those who for some strange reason came to this post on LJ and are wondering what is this all about: posts with gentoo tag are syndicated to the Gentoo Planet and I'll use it to make announcements and just write random gentoo-related thoughts.